Taking Time To… Celebrate Motherhood. What does it mean to you?

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Motherhood, the dictionary would have you believe, is simply ‘the state of being a mother’. Honestly, we know it to be so much more! With Mother’s Day on the horizon, my thoughts turn to what motherhood means to me.

Can Anyone Join in?

Firstly, and I think very importantly, I would put forward that motherhood relates to anyone who takes on the role of caring mother, whether to child, sibling or even pet.

As the ‘mother’ of various types of pets; dog, cats, ducks, I know I experience motherhood. Particularly with our pet ducks. Pet ducks require a lot of care and attention. Think of having a 2 year old around you all the time, who occasionally has teenage style strops. Add in the diversity of our other species and the demands on my time, especially at dawn and dusk, are 3 fold.

Is Motherhood Learned?

Our cat had 2 litters of kittens before we had her spayed. Motherhood sat well on her shoulders. She played with them, washed them and even taught them where and how to go to the toilet. Not a lot different from humans, except her kids grew up and left the home faster.

Our duck did not take to motherhood well at all. We put it down to not being able to teach her some of the duck necessities when she was growing up. Once her ducklings hatched, after the first day or so, she was quite happy for them to fend for themselves. Her daughters on the other hand vary in terms of whether they are good or bad mums. One is great at it, the other not so.

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Nurture vs Nature

So is motherhood a matter of nurture or nature? We think a bit of both, just maybe in differing combinations. We do think that a ‘bad mother’ is not prone to motherhood, whilst a good or, if one prefers, caring one, is.

My mother was not really the nurturing type. I would not say she revelled in motherhood. However, she was an excellent mother. To me, proof positive, that there are many layers to motherhood and it is not simply about being a mother.

Mothers Day

So this Mothers Day, I will be celebrating with my husband and pets. I will also be celebrating with my pet duck and cat, both of whom love to hug and give love.

I will also be calling my mother to catch up and wish her a special day. But first, I am working on a unique card to send to her. You’ll find some of my designs in our shop, available as free printables. Or click on the image below to link straight to a choice of images.

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