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Valentines Day gives me a soft fuzzy feeling. But it hasn’t always been like this. Only recently have I taken time to realise and enjoy what this day can mean to me.

Commercial or Captivating?

I was definitely of the ‘greeting card marketing’ brigade when it came to Valentines Day in the past. It was all about commercial enterprise deciding we had to spend money to prove we were in love with our partner, family, friends, kids, and so on.

After all, why should I need a particular day I should tell my loved ones that I love them. I should be free to tell them when I wished. Right?

Love Conquers All

And then, a few years ago I met the love of my life. His eccentric goodness, ability to look at life in a special way, and simply the warmth in his eyes when he looks at me, just fills me up with love to overflowing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all plain sailing, and nor should it be. We don’t always see eye to eye, and as someone used to getting my own way, this is soooo frustrating. But life’s difficult moments make you realise how precious the good ones are.

Change Warrants Reflection

I began to think differently when he surprised me with flowers on Valentines Day a few years ago. Yes, I had received cards and gifts, from others, in the past, but this time really touched me. It made me pause and rethink.

You see, my gentle man normally forgets any ‘special day’. He is completely useless at remembering dates. Forget my birthday, doesn’t matter how many reminders. Christmas? I might get a present, but if I do it is generally a couple weeks later.

But… Valentines Day

He presented me with flowers, actually on The Day. The day was truly noted and went down in our history. And ever since then, for some reason, he remembers this day enough that he does something special, each time. Knowing how terrible he is at noting what day, let along date it is, makes this realisation truly something.

I could get frustrated by the lack of remembering overall, but I realised I would rather enjoy the moments he gives to me. Whether a belly aching laugh (last night), a spontaneous hug or a gift on Valentines Day, taking time to recognise these special moments for what they are has made my life so much richer.

I am no longer a Valentines Day sceptic, but rather feel that a day that marks love can only be a good thing. I still don’t feel I have to run out and buy a card, but I don’t hesitate to make one.

Happy Valentines Day free printable from Taking Time To

Valentines Day - Love you free printable from Taking Time To

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