Old Postcards

postcard collection from Taking Time To showcase

What it is about old postcards? For those of us who love vintage ephemera, nothing quite beats an old postcard. It’s not so much the image on the front, but that fountain pen writing on the back that just brings on the appeal.

Old Fashioned Style

I recently found a collection of old postcards showing images from the area and mostly addressed to Paris. I love seeing the variety of handwriting, from thin and spidery to bold and heavy. And the handwriting style also seems to determine the length of message. The spidery likes to fill the card whilst the bold (and taking up more room with it) is a writer of minimal words, maybe in consequence.

The images of these bygone days cards are so typical. Unlike postcards of today that generally show an attraction or artwork, old postcards more often than not show people; a person standing somewhere or a few people doing something every day, like fishing. I personally think the images were about showcasing a normal person to say ‘you too could be here’ in a day when travel and holidays were still a luxury.

Using Old Postcards

I for one am not a great user of old postcards as ephemera due to the thickness. Rather, I prefer to photograph singular images or make collages. Printing these designs lets me use them in a larger variety of ways, from stationery to journal pages or pockets.

You’ll find various collections in our shop, from individual postcard images to my own designs made from my old postcards. I hope you enjoy them.

If you are struggling with what to do with your own old postcards or would like ideas for those you print, check out Get Crafty for a wonderful variety of ideas from other people who like to craft.


Happy Downloading – Happy Creating