Taking Time To… Nap. One of Life’s Little Pleasures

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Taking time to nap is truly one of life’s little pleasures. It’s taking time for just yourself, recharging the batteries, day dreaming or even sleeping.

Savouring Time

Not that long ago we chose to change our lifestyle and almost the first things I noticed was ‘time’. I suddenly seemed to have lots of it. And that is something to savour.

I have found that when one changes location, job, etc. it gives you a sense of having more time. Maybe that is why I like to embrace change. And I have also found it takes time to fill time. (Sounding very profound here.) That once I settle somewhere, after a fashion, after one has started to make friends, started to understand the new needs of work or found new projects to undertake, that time seems more fleeting.

Stealing Time

So every now and then, fairly regularly really, I like to steal time back. I started doing this when I took up napping. I had learned that 20 minutes was an optimum time for napping. You don’t fall into REM sleep and you wake feeling refreshed as opposed to groggy.

I started to think if 20 minutes refreshed me from a doze, what if I took 20 minutes for other pleasures?

Now I try to give myself 20 minutes on many fronts. If the weather is sunny, I like to sit with the animals and write a letter. They enjoy the company as much as I do, so it’s a feel good factor all around. And because taking 20 minutes feels slightly decadent this day and age, I enjoy it all the more.

Slow Down Time

Having a pet is perfect for having to give yourself time. You have to take the time to walk your dog, or give up your lap to your cat for a purring moment. (Cats are good at demanding their moment.) Or, in the case of our pet duck, go on the search for worms she can quaff down.

Sometimes, when I am feeling frenetic I begrudge this time, but I then lecture myself that they are giving me the luxury of time. Time to walk or to just sit, think of nothing or plan my day.

Structured Time

As someone who works from home, I can’t exclude work time. I am fairly structured in that I sit at my desk from 9 to 6, give or take, Monday to Friday. If I didn’t focus on business as well as creating, by giving time to it, then that would be wasting my time. And I do so hate waste, which is probably why I love using up old ephemera in projects.

I structure my time by making ‘honest’ and realistic daily To Do lists, with a maximum of 4 tasks to complete that day. This allows me to set aside time for the creative fun (though honestly I love my job, so it’s all fun). Time when I can make things for others or for the shop.

Nap Time

My office has a very comfortable rocking chair in it. When my creative thoughts seem stagnant or I feel like I am struggling with a project, that is the time I go sit in the rocking chair. I set a soft alarm, close my eyes and drift. I let my mind wander, sometimes I nap, but always when the chime goes 20 minutes later I feel ready to take on the world again.

Inspired by this simple little pleasure, I created two ‘Nap Time’ free printables. You’ll find them in our shop or click on the image below. Feel free to download, print and use in your own creative projects.

Taking Time To - nap free printables


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