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Letter writing is one of my favourite past times. There is something particularly joyous in this modern age, in treasuring the opposite of the instant. Taking the time to sit down and write to someone, as well as the anticipation of a letter is truly something special.

What is your letter writing prompt?

I have a collection of friends who I write to, and some who even write back. The trickiest thing we all agree is making the time to actually write.  It’s one of those things that if you put off it generally doesn’t get done. But as someone who genuinely likes writing to people, I look for ways to prompt my letter writing.

The garden on a lovely day is generally my inspiration. My mother was a great believer in her children getting fresh air every day. In these modern times, I find it all to easy to sit at my desk, indoors, working on new designs and gifts or tapping away at my computer.

Sometimes I need the excuse to down tools, and ‘the need’ to get fresh air is a good one for me. Writing a letter pushes me out the door, as it helps me feel justified that I am doing something, even if I only write a couple sentences that day.

My favourite letter writing place

I have been very lucky in that I have had the chance to look after a few animals. We have had various rabbits, chickens and ducks dotted about the garden at various times over the years. What they all have in common is they love to socialize.

Because the animals so obviously enjoy having visitors, I try to visit as much as possible. To encourage this in myself, I often use them as my excuse to write my letters, or read if I have been lucky enough to receive one.

Seasonal Expectations

The spring and summer months are particularly conducive to writing amongst the fluffy and feathered flocks, but not exclusive. It is really only very cold or rainy days that puts me off (from letter writing, not visiting). Depending on the season and weather, I either lie on a blanket on the ground or sit in a chair, taking the opportunity to read or write.

They all particularly like if I put down a blanket as this gives them the opportunity to get close, nudge me, and sometimes even sit on me. I often bring an apple or some other treat, which the chickens and rabbits have been known to steal away if I am too absorbed in my letter.

Letter Writing Ephemera

My letter writing recipients are quite familiar now with my majority opening gambit ‘I am sitting amongst the [insert animal type here] as I write this…’.  They inspire me as well in my stationery designs. I often take photographs, printing them to add to my letters, or sketch an idea they have given me.

I have extended my passion for letter writing into designing ephemera which I use for cards and stationary. So, if you are like me and like to write letters, please visit my shop where you can download various printable designs, some free, some not. I can also recommend Pixabay for all types of free imagery. (Though do buy the odd cup of coffee for the artist when you can.)

Happy writing.

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